20 December 2013 In Alumni

Taking into consideration  that the greek language,history,customs are compatible only with the greek country why should a foreigner  learn either modern or ancient greek? His motivation is definitely not the communication with the majority of the global  population. Here are some good reasons for choosing greek as a second language………

18 December 2013 In Alumni

Kavala (Greek: Καβάλα) is a city in northern Greece, the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia and the capital of Kavala regional unit. It is situated on the Bay of Kavala, across from the island of Thasos. Kavala is located on the Egnatia motorway and is an one and a half-hour drive to Thessaloniki (160 kilometres (99 miles) west) and forty minutes drive to Drama (37 km (23 miles) north) and Xanthi (56 km (35 miles) east). Its nickname is The cyan city (Η γαλάζια πόλη).